Our services

Our company is a full service IT solution provider that will meet demands of any devOPS or webhosting environment. We have decades of experience that we will put to work for you!

System Administration

We can meet all of your computing requirements by both creating highly available, high performance IT infrastructure and by supporting existing one. Our extensive skill set includes Linux, Solaris, AWS, cloud and virtualization, Docker high performance custom image design, web and java application servers, file-system volume managers, shell scripting, security and performance analysts. Not only we can help with technical expertise, we can help you to save money by both providing services without need to hire full time employee and providing a valuable insight into ways on how to host your infrastructure in most efficient way possible.

Business Continuity

While our other offerings focused on getting you where you want to be, this offering is focusing on making sure you always will stay in that place. We can assist you with developing proper disaster recovery (DR) solution, backups and baremetal recovery. We will help you to ward of hackers and tighten security in your environment. Whether if you just looking for ability to restore your site at your leasure or you want highly available solution that can be rebuilt in minutes on any environment while using latest technologies such Docker or snapshots, we can do it.

Online Presence

In todays world, a company must be highly visible on the web. We can design fast and easy to use website as per your requirements. Anything from 1 page landing page all the way to complex sites with forms, sliders, photo galleries and e-commerce integration. Our tools include technologies such as Wordpress, Durpal, Grav, HTML, PHP, JAva and many more. By leveraging both System administration and Web development, we can build trully unique custom solution in any price range and meet any requirements.

SEO Optimization and Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is very important for any business. Without it, site is not going to be discover-able on the net by search engine indexing and it will prevent business growth. We can help with optimization of the page by analyzing both site itself and its online authority. We can help with alternative sources of traffic, produce highly converting landing pages, run A/B split tests, assist with content creation and copy-writing.

Our Team

Max Chudnovsky


expert system administrator with over 20 years of experience in the field who had been working for some of the largest companies in Canada.

Reena Scot

SEO expert / Writer

Our resident copywriter and SEO specialist. Professional keyword seeker and report analyzer. Published in some of the biggest blogs on the web. Part time cat lady.

Dan Ray

Middleware Specialist

A middleware specialist with 15+ years or experience. Had been working with WebSphere, Tomcat, Glassfish... Loves coffee and gadgets.

Oksana Stos

Online Marketing Manager

Our resident online marketeer who will fearlessly spread a word about your brand or a company across the web to drive people towards your pages.

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